About us:

Smart Selection, a complete tool to smartly select photos among a myriad of choices. It allows you to make personalized picture galleries either for personal or professional use. You can easily download the tool, install it on your system, and you are all set to make projects protected using login credentials.

A user can take benefit of it to either do it by self or share it with others, to select, sort, and organize the photographs. Your client or receiver will send back their selected photos anytime, anywhere, using any device with convenience. So, the smart photo selection tool is an ideal solution to lessen the efforts in photography while saving much time and money!

Smart Selection Tool: Why should you use it?

Here are the exciting features of the useful photography-based software to match different needs;

1) Customer Feedback

A professional can ask clients to add their instructions, comments, or direction on chosen photos. So, that after getting back, one can get a better idea about customer requirements.

Similarly, any other user can take the help of friends or known ones to share their feedback on the selected photos. In this way, it saves time for both parties in creating a great album!

2) Custom/Personalized Picture Galleries

There is an option to make folders or separate photo galleries based on different themes, clients, or other criteria. In this manner, a user can manage even hundreds of pictures by categorizing them into various projects or unique galleries.

Further, the tool allows its users to take out the sharable link and send it to others. A receiver can access that link by opening it on any gadget like a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Clients or receivers can view, organize, and select their favorites using it!

3) Security

Professional photographers highly require safety features in their work! Thus, no culprit can benefit from the convenience that this tool offers to ease the user’s task. So, anyone can protect the images by using unique customization options, like adding a watermark and logo of a brand or service. Thus, by doing this, they can easily share their creations or hard work with anybody, without any chances of misuse.

4) Stay in Control

The best part of using this tool is to share a project with a client or anyone else, and a user can still have full control over it. The owner or the sender can control how a receiver will access the photographs, like in which type of format or resolution. By the way, all this is possible for a user by sitting in one place!

5) Simple to Use

It does not include any advanced procedures that users need to learn or do specialized training to use the tool well. Anyone of any age group child, youth, or elder can use the tool. Create the project, upload photos, send it to others for selection, receive and separate the selected ones, that’s it!

Smart Selection software comes with many benefits in this Digital era to ease the process of making photo albums like never before. The Best thing among all is the tool is available to use free of cost! Try it now!!!