Photo selection software

Photo Selection with Selfie!

Using face recognition technology for photo selection by identifying and grouping photos based on the faces in them.

Upload  your event photos into the photo selection tool and let it scan them for faces. The tool will analyze each photo and identify any faces it recognizes.

Guest Registration with Selfie!

Guests can register their faces via unique event QR code to automatically receive their pictures from the event.  Client can also select photos by guest faces to easily know number of selection per guest to create perfect wedding album.

By using guest registration data to match photos to individual guests, you can make it easier for them to find and select the photos they want, while also keeping track of which guests were present at the event.

Wedding Photo Selection with guest registration.
Search Photos by selfie

Search photos by Selfie!

Lets your client filter pictures by simply clicking a selfie during photo selection.

Typically, the tool will create groups of photos for each individual face it detects. You can then review each group and decide which photos to select and which to ignore.

Once you have identified the photos you want to keep, you can use additional features in the tool to organize them further. For example, you might tag them with keywords or add them to albums.

Overall, using face recognition for photo selection can be a powerful way to quickly identify and organize your photos based on the people in them.