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We can maintain physical-social distancing, but it is essential to be active and connect online on social media! It applies to people of all age groups. Social media today is a platform where you can share your feelings, thoughts, life with you all over the globe friends anytime! Kindly read this post thoroughly to get an idea about how you can use Online Photo Selection for your benefits!

Today social media App is not only must to have on our smartphones but also a medium to make us famous and gain other’s attention. You can achieve this without matter at which place you are currently based!

The competition is so high there! It is not sufficient if you upload a simple photo directly on social media that was taken from the camera or your phone! If you aim to gain the attention of your followers, then you must know the use of different features available on social media to tune-up your images. It can help you to make your photos more appealing to others and gain more popularity for you!

What’s the Big Hurdle?

The main confusion arises when you have taken more than one picture of yourself or say selfies. But, you are not sure which one would be best to share it on your social media profile!

The main problem is that you can come to know about the reaction of people to your posted photos only after uploading or publishing them online. In such a situation you think that it would be great if you get some help or someone who can guide you on it in advance, but unfortunately, you hardly find any!

On the other side, if you are an experienced social media user, then you might have got some idea about how to gain people’s attention. But, still, the procedure is not so easy than it seems to be!

Solution and Steps

So, there is a solution to it that can save your time and increase the chances of more likes, comments, and shares of your photos on social media.

How is it possible?

It can be done using online Photo Selection Software that you can use with ease. You can click as much as photo as you want, collect them together in a folder in any gadget!

Next step is to login the genuine free Image Selection software, open it, and create a new project! It will ask you to upload your images in it; once done, you will get a rough picture gallery that can you can further customize as per your needs.

Now from here, the real magic starts! You can take the link to that picture gallery and send it to your friends, family, or loved ones via email or any online messaging means like WhatsApp for photo selection.

Ask them to choose their favorite images from your collection. They can also put their comments or remarks if they have anything to say about your pictures. After marking them, your receiver will send back the selected files to you.

You can collect it from your different senders, and compare them. You can also review all the feedback that they have sent, and finally, you can decide on which one or more photos you can finalize for posting. It will increase the chances of gaining other’s attention after publishing them online.

Online Photo Selection Software


Till now, you might have got the Trick to enhance the likability of your social media posts to get more likes than usual. Isn’t it? You can use Photo Selection Software to gain some people’s reactions on your pics in advance before you post them publicly in front of others. At least, in this way, you can correct your mistakes or come to learn about How to be a star on Social Media!

The best thing about the free image selection software is that it gives you the option to secure your photos so that no one else can misuse them! So do not think much? Try the software now to share your media with others effortlessly. It can help you for sure to get tips and suggestions to make your photos more appealing before they go Viral!

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