Photographers Mistakes

Being a professional photographer, you must be surely feeling the pain of the traditional photo selection process. Trust me or not, it’s a total waste of time and money. Well, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show pictures to your client’s anymore, but there’s a better alternative to the traditional approach.

Waste Of Time And Money!

Whether you believe it or not, traditional proofing methods are a costly venture. Conducting in-person proofing session requires time, travel and can turn out to be inefficient. While on the other hand, email communication can result in a never-ending thread of feedback’s and messages.

In this highly competitive world, where time is money. You simply can’t lose a customer over tedious and nerve-wracking photo selection and proofing process.

It’s essential that you have a strong system in place for letting clients select their photographer, and getting their feedback. You need something more controlled, streamlined, promote productivity and allows you to get the job done in a single sitting. After all, the more streamlined the selection process is, the more time you’ll have to conduct basic administration, promote yourself and work on other projects.

Smart Selection is the answer to all your concerns. This unique online photo selection software comes with numerous features that make the review and selection process as seamless as possible. This not only maximizes your effectiveness but also ensures that your client gets exactly what they want.

With Smart Selection, the feedback and approval process is as constructive as it can be. It empowers you to make photo selection a step-by-step procedure instead of the endless conversation with no common aim.

With this private gallery, all you need to do is send the link to your customers and select their favorites. While they take their time you can focus on what’s more important. You can view their selected pictures and give them from the final printing. This saves you from to-and-fro client meetings, travelling and long discussions!

It’s time to bid adieu to traditional photo selection process and adapt Smart Selection! Your perfect partner for your photography business! So, don’t wait more! Think smart, select smart and save money! 😉

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