Start Using Smart Selection

If you are a professional photographer who is making use of USB drives, physical DVDs or even digital solutions like Dropbox to show images to clients, then take note as there is a better and simpler way to do it.

Photo selection is one of the tedious tasks where a photographer exhibits the pictures he/she has taken of the client and allows them to choose the best shots from their photoshoot. You may call them in the studio or meet them at their home or some cafe to show the work. This begins the numerous to-and-fro client meeting. The meeting may take over an hour or sometimes a few hours, taking into account travel time.

Digital solutions for photographers!

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a better alternative to in-person proofing, i.e. – Smart Selection. All you need to do is upload all the pictures to the online photo gallery and send a link to your client. Now, your client will be able to have a glimpse of all your work and decide which images they would like to select for their albums.

Undoubtedly, it’s the best way to show the raw images to your clients. Unlike traditional photo selection process where the time is limited, Smart Selection gives your client some extra time to decide which images to choose.  Furthermore, it comes with a bunch of other benefits and features. Let’s take a look:

  • Professional and sleek looking galleries
  • Easy-to-use software for you as well as your clients
  • Set up password-protected private galleries
  • Customer support service to help you with your technical issues

Plus, it comes with additional features, like adding music or creative slideshow effects to the galleries. All in all, it’s a complete digital solutions for photographers. It eliminates the need to give images to the clients, resizing the images. The photo selection process could have never been easier. No more pen drives and communication gap. Smart Selection is all that your photography business is lacking. So, why wait more? Get started today!