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Are you feeling frustrated during this corona breakdown? Worried about your photography business but feeling helpless due to this lockdown? You might not be able to go out for a new photoshoot but you can definitely get the tedious photo selection process done! Now, you might be wondering how to visit the clients for photo selection or in this economy breakdown when everything is suffering where to get money for buying new tool? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! FREE Photo Selection

Why Online Photo Selection?

At Smart Selection, we understand how panicking and frustrating this entire situation can be. To help you do something more constructive and productive, during this lockdown period, we bring you SmartSelection platform! An innovative and cutting-edge way to this entire photo selection and proofing process.

Its extensive features not only make the entire selection process seamless but also ensures that you deliver exactly what your client is looking for. All you need to do is create a private gallery for your client where you upload all their photographs and send the link to them. On the other hand, they can select pictures which you can view in the link itself. All this, at the cost of nothing! Yes, it’s absolutely FREE!

FREE Photo Selection

Plus, it also saves you money which you might have invested in the to-and-fro client meetings! A win-win situation, isn’t it? So, hurry up! Start using SmartSelection platform today! Keep your business up and running, even when the entire world has come to the standstill. Hurry up, grab this once in a lifetime golden opportunity! Offer valid only till lockdown exists! 😉

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